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Welcome to

Chidakasha Skye

Chidakasha, meaning the ‘abode of peace’.


The word Chidakasha derives from Sanskrit and consists of two parts: ‘chid’ meaning ‘consciousness’ and ‘akash’ meaning ‘space’. In this ‘space of consciousness’ we are all co-creators, each one of us with our uniqueness and beauty..


Experience a vegetarian restaurant with a unique blend of food and tea in a tranquil hideaway in a quiet corner of Skye just a few miles from Dunvegan and Neist Point.

Tea and teapots
Illustration of teapots and fruit stand

The vegetarian food range is eclectic and the flavours are mostly influenced by the visits to the spice scented countries of the East. Warming spices of cinnamon, cumin, fennel & coriander entwine with the pungent mustard, black cardamom and turmeric - healing foods for our body and soul. 

The Teahouse is not just a place to eat. Welcome and share in co-creating this space - our own abode of peace.

Bowls of salad

In the Teahouse’s kitchen, I bake, cook and delight in the produce of nature every day. I source the seasonal and largely organic produce locally where possible, most of the herbs and salad leaves are grown and picked in the morning on our croft and so are the delightful flowers and smaller vegetables.

Lalani Tea Leaves

This year in the Teahouse, we have the pleasure in introducing the exquisite teas of Lalani & Co for which we share our passion. We also offer other ethically sourced teas, including hand picked herbs of Skye.

Find us

Chidakasha Teahouse is located in a beautiful part of North West Skye in Glendale.


Use the map to discover where we are or plan your route.


Also, look out for the signs on the road towards Glendale and for the distinctive red roof of the teahouse.

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